Ken & Sam Ep. 20 - “La Croix or La Crap?”

May 22, 2018

Ken and Sam drink some La Croix and talk about random crap.


Ken & Sam Ep. 19 - “Two Months Too Long”

May 2, 2018

Spring has finally sprung here in MN and that means STOB is back! 

Alright, let's be honest, the weather has nothing to do with it. We have been lazy. We are sorry. 

But hey, this might be our 19th best podcast yet, so there is that!


Ken & Sam Ep. 18 - “A Month Too Long”

March 4, 2018

Ken & Sam haven't done a podcast for over a month. We are lazy. We are sorry.


Listen to this one to remind us that you are still out there!


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Ken & Sam Ep. 17 - “Quick Hitters On Radio Row”

February 2, 2018

Ken & Sam decided to head backout to radio row at Mall of America at 4am (like total idiots). This time, we actually talked to some people to try and get their Super Bowl perdictions.

Short as the "conversations" may have been, it was still a good time. Also, shout out to Gregg Giannotti for being awesome.


Ken & Sam Ep. 16 - “We Take Over Radio Row”

January 28, 2018

Ken and Sam take over radio row for Super Bowl 52 at the Mall of America!!

Sadly, we were a day early. 


Ken & Sam Ep. 15 - “Mr. Online Is Back!”

January 14, 2018

Hello Viking Fans!

Ken & Sam bring you some sports talk but with a special guest. Mr. Online is back! 

So check out our predictions and get some love advice from Mr. Online himself.



Ken & Sam Ep. 14 - “New Year, New STOB?”

January 1, 2018

Ken & Sam get 2018 started off right by giving you a podcast. You are welcome.


Ken & Sam Ep. 13 - “The Holiday Show”

December 22, 2017



Ken & Sam sit in the middle of a Hy-Vee Grill and talk about stuff.


Ken & Sam Ep. 12 - “32 and Actin a Fool”

December 13, 2017



Ken & Sam talk all kinds of stuff when they hit up Acme Comedy Co to see Sean Patton.


Ken & Sam Ep. 11 - “Cactus Sam & Milkshakes”

December 2, 2017

We did a podcast before watching some D-League Wrestling