Ken & Sam Ep. 11 - “Cactus Sam & Milkshakes”

December 2, 2017

We did a podcast before watching some D-League Wrestling


Ken & Sam Ep. 10 - “Back At It Again”

November 20, 2017



Ken & Sam are back! Yeah, you know you are thankful for us.


Ken & Sam Ep. 9 - “The World Meets Mr. Online”

November 4, 2017



This one might not be for the kids. Ken & Sam talk to Mr. Online about his adventures in online dating.


Ken & Sam Ep. 8 - “Dating Tips & Tricks”

October 30, 2017



Ken and Sam tackle the dating world head on! Listen for some tips and tricks to help you this weekend. We also talk about some other crap.


Ken & Sam Ep. 7 - “Bath Salts and Crop Dusting”

October 25, 2017



Ken & Sam Talk About Everything You Need To Hear


Ken & Sam Ep. 6 - “Get The Runs - Got The Runs”

October 18, 2017



Ken & Sam are back at Buffalo Wild Wings (no, we didn't eat blazing wings) and brought the house down.

We hit on the Gophers, Vikings, Timberwolves and much, much more. Check it out now. 

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Ken & Sam Ep. 5 - “Main Street Brawl”

October 9, 2017

We did this show on location at Main Street Bar & Grill to preview the Vikings game and talk about other stuff.

Check it out!


Ken & Sam Ep. 4 - Tell My Wife I love Her (Damn You BDubs!)

October 5, 2017



Talking Sports and whatever else.....after and during eating "Blazing" wings.


Ken & Sam - Ep. 3

October 1, 2017

Recorded on a Thursday, posted on a Sunday for your listening pleasure on Monday at work.

This is Ken and Sam's "Monday Musings" or "Misc. Mondays"....whatever we decide to call it.


Ken & Sam Ep 2 - From Cowboy Jacks in Plymouth

September 28, 2017

Ken and Sam's 2nd podcast - Again, Sam will give you your money back if you hate it.